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Polyester Filament Scrim(PET): The polyester filament scrims are made by hightenacity low shrinkage industrial polyester filament yarn. The weight ranged from 85g/sqm to 125g/sqm. The warp strength of 85g/sqm scrim is 1600N and the weft strength is 800N, much higher than other products in the market even two times high of the spun polyester scrim under the same weight. It is the most popular polyester scrim in normal temperature filtration industry.

Meta-aramid Scrim: It made by aramid 1313 fiber(Polyisophthaloyl metaphenylene diamine), which is applied specially in spinning. The weight ranged of the scrim from 60g/sqm to 150g/sqm, the conventional aramid scrim is 120g/sqm, the warp strength is 900N and the weft strength is 450N.

PTFE scrim (Polytetrafluoroethene): PTFE is the short name of Polytetrafluoroethene. It is widely used in high temperature filter and waster incineration industry because of its excellent high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-aging performance. With reasonable stretching in weaving process, the strength of the yarn is well protected in order to keep the strength of the scrim. The strength of the most popular 104g/sqm scrim in warp is 900N and the weft is 500N respectively, which is better than the same weight of PTFE scrim in the market.

Homo-acrylic Scrim: Our acrylic scrim is made by the imported Homo-acrylic fiber from germany. In order to keep the strength of the scrim and reduce the damage of needing, we are using heavy yarn count. Our acrylic scrim can be made from 70g/sqm to 190g/sqm. The most popular one is 140g/sqm with the warp strength 900N and weft strength 350N.

Homo-acrylic Fiber: Wilkie China company as the only one agent for Germany Lanzing about the Homo-acrylic fiber(Dolanit) in Chinese market from April of 2014. The specification of the Homo-acrylic fiber is 2D*60MM and 1.5D*50MM

PPS Scrim (Polyphenylene Sulfide): PPS is an short name of Polyphenylene sulfide. It is widely used in special air filtration industry because of its flame retardant, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. Our products weight ranged from 60g/sqm to 200g/sqm, in order to match the customer’s different strength requirements. The most popular is 120g/sqm scrim, the warp strength is 900N and the weft strength is 500N.

Anti-static Scrim: Our new product, mix up polyester filament or spun yarn with stainless steel yarn, Homo-acrylic yarn with stainless steel yarn et c. It is a good method to enhance the filter’s anti-static ability rather than only add the anti-static fiber in the needing process. We can make different pattern for the anti-static yarn in the base scrim according to different requirements.

Mixed Scrim: It is our newly developed products, which is mixed in proportion with different yarns(polyester filament or spun, PPS, meta-aramid, Homo-acrylic, PI etc). Both warp and weft have two different material at the same time in order to increase the performance of the scrim to match various applications. The reason for the method is to longer the filter bag’s life circle by saving costs. One good example is PPS(Polyphenylene sulfide)+PTFE(Polytetrafluoroethene) scrim, which is using PPS as the base scrim with PTFE as the enhance material, in order to make the filter’s life longer. This PPS and PTFE scrim is being used in the industry in Chinese market and oversea market with positive comments. We also have ”Homo-acrylic + polyester filament yarn mixed scrim ”, “PTFE + glass filament yarn mixed scrim”, which is used of improving the strength if the based scrim.

PI Scrim (Polyimide): The scientific name is polyimide. It is widely applied in power plants, steel plant and filter of the incineration dust cleaning, because of its excellent chemical resistance, high dimensional stability and high temperature resistance performance. Our standard PI spun scrim is 144g/sqm, the warp strength is 1000N and the weft strength is 500N. The standard PI filament scrim is 110g/sqm, the warp strength is 1250N and the weft strength is 750N.

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